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Matt Lauer is a Cheater like the Rest.


It makes us laugh when news anchors make headlines about their scandalous lives. I’m just waiting for someone to find some naked pictures I’ve sent my ex-boyfriend which will hopefully land me a reality show on Vh1. Matt Lauer may report daily news but today his tarnished name is on every gossip blog because his secret life has been to light. (Bye bye endorsements…). Which is a round about way of Matt telling you not to be fooled by his innocent looks because Lauer is far from that after news broke that he’s cheated on his wife- Annete of 12 years. Which is Matt’s round about way of letting you know he’s prime and game…

In fact, sources say that the two have been “living apart for over two months.”

One thing about Annette, is that she’s not a stupid broad. She even had the audacity to confront Lauer after she had a feeling he was cheating while in Vancouver reporting about the Olympics, says the Enquirer. Which must have caused Matt’s weiner to shrivel for half a second…

Apparently there are a few haters on the Today Show cast too because they gabbed to Annette that Matt was “getting especially cozy” with two female broadcasters. Geez, why is the world hating on Matt? Don’t these gals realize if they’re patient, Matt will get round to boning them too?

Which leads us to wonder will Matt come forth and hold a press conference or reveal his infidelities on the Today Show? It would probably make for one of Matt’s better news headlines in a while…

Source: x17online

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