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Greg Hunt is about to bring the meat packing district to 15 Central Park West and residents are fuming.


Keeping the undesirables out.

All Greg Hunt wants to do is bring a bit of dash and pizazz to this neck of the woods but longtime residents of where Mr Hunt is planning to open his wine bar are up in arms and are pushing hard to have his liquor license application denied.

The NY Post explains;

The rich and famous tenants of 15 Central Park West — home to Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Sting, A-Rod and Bob Costas — are up in arms over a plan to open a late-night bar on their street.

The luxurious co-op, where former Citigroup exec Sandy Weill owns a $42 million penthouse, has hired the lobbying firm Geto & de Milly to kill a plan to open the wine bar at 25 Central Park West.

Residents of 25 CPW have enlisted their own lobbyist to get officials to reject the liquor-license application for the Century Café.

The well-heeled residents fear bar owner Greg Hunt will transform their block of landmark buildings, such as the Dakota and the Beresford, into a new Meatpacking District.

Of course one can sympathize with residents who have paid a fortune for a piece of paradise, but let’s face it, the neighborhood is like death and a cozy wine bar would liven up the scene a bit, never mind the occasional party goer that ‘accomplished’ residents would suddenly have to smirk at on their way to their ritzy penthouses a convenient out of the way 50 flights up in the sky.

Who knows, one day these ‘accomplished’ residents might be bringing one of these party goers home with them…

Source; NY Post

Original story appeared Westside Independent.

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