Home Performing Arts The Wild Hunt premier at the GenArts Film Festival.

The Wild Hunt premier at the GenArts Film Festival.


Slow and unfocused in the beginning, the film starts to pick up when Erik Magnusson (Ricky Mabe) enters the Medieval world of live-action role-play to win back his girlfriend Lyn (Tiio Horn), who is being held captive by the evil shaman Murtagh (Trevor Hayes) and his clan.  Erik reluctantly agrees to play alongside his brother Bjorn ‘the Viking’ Magnusson (Mark Krupa) so he can rescue Lyn and bring her back to Montreal and reality.

Comedy becomes tragedy when role-players fail to recognize that jealousy has turned the controlled fantasy re-enactment into a real battle of retribution when the rules of the game are broken.

Wild Hunt was filmed with an all Canadian cast two hours north of Montreal, five days in the summer and three weeks in the Fall in 2008

As for budget: Krupa leans in to confide, “I can say it was filmed in 35mm for less than the average 30second beer commercial and you imagine the rest. “Well you’re from Canada, so you should know” I laugh back.  “Yes, and I’ve been in a few commercials.”

Wild Hunt will be released to theaters on May 28, 2010.