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The new viral you tube hit- ‘Barking Dog Man.’


Who let the dog out of the house?

Some things are just ridiculous but having said that who are we to resist the more debased aspects of our culture:

From news.com.au

A SYDNEY man’s enthusiastic impression of a barking dog on a current affairs show has gone international with CNN reporting on the viral hit.

Ray Graham, 57, appeared on Channel Nine’s A Current Affair on Monday where he spoke about a number of dogs which were terrorising his street in Marsfield, northwest Sydney.

He followed up his concerns with an impression of the dogs that has media blogs and news sites now referring to him as  “vicious dog man” and “crazy old man going nuts with a frightening dog impression”.

What makes the following video intriguing is Ray’s wife’s (unemotional reaction) to Ray as he remonstrates how he kept the pack down:

But media commentators have been just as intrigued by Graham’s wife Kerry’s reaction – during the clip she remains emotionless as her performed his dog noises.

“He was just so emotional and it just came out. He is a person who’s emotional,” she told A Current Affair.

She also said after 34 years of marriage she was used to his personality and nothing really surprised her anymore.

Indeed, we somehow we get the feeling she’s seen a lot of things come out of Ray’s mouth, so why even flinch?

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