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Spa Week Addiction.

Photography by Aracelis Batista.

Mark your calendars. April 12 to 18th is spa week, and you know what that means: $50 spa treatments are available at over 700 spas nationwide (but let’s be serious – it’s the stuff in NYC that really matters).

The main idea behind Spa Week is to convince people that spa treatments aren’t just for the elite. Green tea seaweed facials sound a lot more practical at $50 a pop, instead of at quadruple that number. Of course, the hidden reason spas lower prices and let the masses in for one week a year is the same reason drug dealers might give you a deal on your first hit – they want to hook you so you’ll be dying to come back for more.

To kick off the week, Spa Week Daily and Spa 23 treated select media to a mini spa week preview at the Westin Times Square. As a former beauty and shopping blogger myself, this scene was comfortingly familiar. Relaxed guests milled in an out, sipping white wine while checking out the promotional tables and waiting for complementary massages. Nothing too exciting, though some of the products being promoted were interesting, to say the least.

It’s easy to be seduced by promises of antioxidants, all-natural vitamins, and detoxifying elixirs. True, most of this stuff can be filed under “Michael Pollan’s nightmare” (“Avoid foods that make health claims”), but who’s to say that adding blueberry extract to your water (Pure Inventions) or aerosolized vitamin B-12 (Sprayology) aren’t going to make up all into healthy, relaxed, beautiful people? Maybe it was the wine (it was definitely the wine), but I certainly felt relaxed.


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