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NFL PreDraft Party at Manhattan Motorcars.

Photography by Chervine.

Three main factors were at play for Wednesday night’s shindig. The NFL draft was approaching, Haiti was still in need of donations, and Manhattan Motors was showing off their ridiculous rides.  Add a few ballers, socialites, and free booze, and you have yourself a party.  One problem – the bouncer isn’t letting in the press!  Have no fear; there is another way around this.  Sent from above (or just from around the block in Chelsea) was a Haitian native with a still camera.  His charm, smooth talk, and Haitian accent, got us right through the door, before the anxious line of swanky invitees had a chance to flood the scene.  Thanks buddy, wherever you may be…

(editor’s note- believe it or not Frank, we did have you on the press list…-Scallywag)

After a slow start, the party got underway with DJ L (from BET’s 106 & Park) mixing the beats.  The 90s hip hop and Nicholas Diamond’s premium Riazul tequila had this reporter left with nostalgic memories of high school.  Diamond’s enthusiasm for his startup tequila brand gave me no choice but to sample the variety of flavors.  Needless to say, after a few shots I was feeling all right.  In fact, the 90s theme was really hitting home, giving me visions of 90s NBA stud Stephon Marbury.  Oh wait, that really was Stephon Marbury.  Doesn’t he play for a team in China now?

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  1. Yup, Stephon Marbury played for a team in China. Their season ended, though, so he’s back and currently a free agent again, with his next destination unknown for now.

    — Jeff

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