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Hugh Jackman wants you to guess what he’s doing.


The wonderful things action men can do in the ocean…

Wow, take a long long careful look at this photo of Hugh Jackman and even though we know your first impulse is to begin to touch yourself mercilessly down there the immediate question that arises for humanity is what’s he doing with two tea bags hanging from his chin.

That said we decided to run a competition and have you guess along with us what Hugh is really up to.

We’ll go first,

10/ Hugh Jackman is really carrying two miniature bombs in his lips and is looking for the enemy.

9/ Someone told Hugh this will help his biceps expand another 3 millimeters.

8/ He just really wanted to make tea.

7/ It’s not tea bags but last night’s dinner stuck out of his fangs.

6/ Hugh is just rehearsing for the day he makes his next grand appearance on the red carpet.

5/ Hugh is just getting to know himself in intimate details.

4/ Hugh is running late for his psychotherapy session.

3/ Hugh is trying to prove to Englishmen that come run, rain or surf one can always get a good cup of tea or two.

2/ Hugh is really in deep meditation and the tea bags help him stay centered.

1/ Hugh is carrying two miniature packets of suntanning lotion in the tea bags and soon he will be getting a great tan unlike you.