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George Jolicur is too fat to go to jail.


The inconvenient things that happen to fat people.

George Jolicur was found guilty of ‘scamming’ restaurants food and consequently was ordered to go to jail. Of course there’s only one problem in all of this. George is morbidly obese and can not physically be moved to jail. Such it seems are the minor inconveniences in George’s life that he can’t even serve a jail sentence in dignity.

Reports the Daily Mail;

Morbidly obese George Jolicur ordered huge meals and ate most of them before complaining about the products and sending them back. He would then refuse to pay.

In one episode he scammed five free milkshakes from a restaurant after consuming an entire drink before complaining that the milk was off.

That our dears is sheer brilliance, but of course perhaps but of the problem as to why George can’t go serve his sentence in dignity.Or perhaps it was a too brilliant plan to evade jail time knowing full well that the courts would never physically force him to serve out a sentence if ever caught…

He avoided jail because he is so fat the medical costs of imprisoning him would be too great.
He is now bedridden, breaths with the aid of a respirator, and could not even attend court to be sentenced. Prosecutors said it would cost thousands in medical fees just to bring him before a judge.


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