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Elizabeth Taylor set to marry her butler.


Some girls have all the luck.

Ok kids, it’s time to take out those hankies again and cry your jealous hearts out. With the news that the great dame Liz Taylor is set to marry her butler, sorry we meant to say investment adviser friend Jason Winters, the world is set to start doing back flips and booking flights to whatever little cottage she lives just for the chance to ogle at her looking at her new diamond ring.

Reports US Weekly:

Taylor — who now predominantly uses a wheelchair — and Winters — who recently became Janet Jackson’s new manager — have yet to confirm the news.

We have the feeling that Winters is going to be using a wheelchair soon as well, but that’s just a hunch.

In 2007, British papers reported that Taylor and Winters took a romantic vacation together at a Hawaiian resort. Taylor spent “the evening caressing the face of [Winters],” reported the Evening Standard. At the time, the paper quoted a source as saying: “She didn’t think she’d fall in love again, but since Jason came into her life that has all changed.”

Didn’t think she could fall in love again? That’s like suggesting, Labrador dogs don’t like to hump random street curb corners.

The screen legend has been married eight times — twice to love Richard Burton. Her last union, to construction worker Larry Fortensky, ended after five years in 1996.

Of course we expect to see this marriage last at least 26 minutes and maybe a few minutes more seeing that Winters is her butler, or at least reminds us of one.

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