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The Brooklyn facael smearer is here.


The terrible things people do in hallways.

Out of the Brooklyn paper comes the less than savory tale of a ‘poop- smeared pugilist,’ intent on bothering the shit out his neighbor, literally actually. The Brooklyn Paper gives us the scoop…

A poop-smeared pugilist went to town on a 77th Street family on Feb. 28 — smearing his excrement all over the place and battling with one of his neighbors. The victim, who lives between Third and Fourth avenues, told police that he and his girlfriend returned to their building at 5 am to be welcomed by the aroma of excrement.

The couple investigated the smell, only to find — we kid you not — a drunken man “covered in fecal matter” sitting on the stairs outside his own apartment in the building.

Wow, is this the type of neighbor you too could only wish for? of course it gets better. Much, much better, well not really…

After a furious exchange of potty mouth words, the drunken defecator attacked the victim, punching him in the mouth and biting his hand as the duo wrestled on the floor. The victim’s girlfriend called 911, and cops soon took away the 42-year-old fecal felon.

So, next time you have a tiff with your neighbor, just remember, there are certain neighbors that will take the whole shitty affair literally into their onto hands.


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