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Mischa Barton wants to let you know not all is well in Hollywood.


The horrible things that keep happening to Mischa…

Mischa for a while was destined to being the perennial squeaky clean media whore but something happened along the way. With each let down and deeper appreciation of how Hollywood actually works she couldn’t fathom the sudden realization that life is not actually what it’s cut out to be when you are an omnipresent Hollywood media whore. So much has life started to come undone for our damsel that she has taking to wearing it on her sleeve (literally it seems if the report below is any guide…) and looking for the type of escape route often reserved for hardened cocaine sniffers and drunkards.

That said Mischa in essence is living the typical Hollywood dream, but not necessarily the one she had initially bargained for.

As reiterated by the NY Post (fondly known by as NY Gutter, no offense Richard J):

Mischa had a rough night over the weekend in Hollywood. A spy reports that the “O.C.” actress, who alternates between being on and off the wagon, rolled into Bar Marmont on Saturday alone and looking “totally out of it.”

Says our witness, “A few minutes after she comes in, she runs outside and vomits everywhere. And then she went back inside and hung out for the rest of the night.” A rep for Barton declined to comment.

In any event life will go on and from what we understand there will always be an out of work actor/ress bartender who will commiserate with her success.