Home Nightlife Narciso Rodriguez + Boom Boom Room = FUN.

Narciso Rodriguez + Boom Boom Room = FUN.

Photography by Ricardo Garcia. Narcisco Rodriguez to the left.

My liver is killing me.  This fashion week has been one for the record books.  I’m tired of whining like a little kid.  I need to either lock it up with the booz or push through like an Englishman (thanks Scallywag…) After all, don’t most Europeans drink beer for breakfast and whisky for lunch?  However, Narciso Rodriguez isn’t helping my cause for avoiding alcoholic beverages.  Every New Yorker (ok, mainly the cool ones) knows what the Boom Boom Room is, especially after its launch back during Fall Fashion Week 2009.  I actually had the pleasure of going to one of the first parties back in September of 2008 before the room was finished.  It was an enclosed slab of concrete, construction bits and pieces everywhere. Interview Magazine hosted that soirée.  I met Brooklyn Decker and Tori Praver that night.  I knew then the place had good Feng Shui happening.

Narciso’s party certainly helped keep up the tradition.  He really is Mr. Fashionable.  This party, as with many events in the venue, makes one feel like they are really experiencing fashion week.  Top of the Standard Hotel, bartenders in white jackets with black ties, friendly staff (once you are in that is, it’s tough getting past the pitbulls at the door), a high altitude “buzz” to compliment the liquid one and guests from various continents (again, brings out the true cosmopolitan transcontinental feeling of the city).  It really is a traditional venue located in a modern area.  No one wears sneakers in the place, this much I can say.

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