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Gary Coleman nearly pulls the plug.


gary250‘What cha ya talking about Willis?’

Straight from TMZ, who has become synonymous with up to the minute reporting of Hollywood starlets collapsing, about to collapse or in permanent point of no redress comes the report that failed human being and actor Gary Coleman has been rushed to hospital for cardiac seizures:

Gary Coleman was taken to the hospital early this morning, TMZ has learned. We’re told Coleman was transported at 8:03 AM from Custom Hotel in Los Angeles where he was staying.

His rep is still trying to confirm what happened — but people who were with Coleman told the rep there were signs of a seizure.

As far as we understand Coleman metaphorically suffered a seizure to his existence many years ago but it’s going to be interesting spending the next two weeks watching re runs called the Gary Coleman self implosion.

Anyway, for the time being Gary is still around to bother us. Maybe next time…


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