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Bow Wow Should Not Drink and Tweet.


bow250More stupidity in America…

What a great way it is to start a new year by committing a crime…

Our ‘Lil Bow Wow,’ has officially shed his ‘Lil’ image, by starting off his year with an unofficial DUI. He celebrated the New Years with two familiar acquaintances of the law, Chris Brown and Akon. They hit up LIV at the Fontainebleau in Miami, and it seems that Bow Wow got a little “tipsy,” but intoxicated enough to think that it was ok to drink and drive, and then consequently tweet about his stupid choice.

He tweeted, “Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tipsy as f*k. Just left @livmiami.”

“Im f**ked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot.”

Luckily for him, the tweets are not enough to warrant an arrest for Bow Wow – (even luckier for him that his drunken mistake didn’t cost anyone’s life). Can you imagine the tweet he would have written if he had hurt somebody? ‘Oh dammmn! I just hit somebody with the lambo. I need to call 911.’ ‘911…..oh dammnn! I thought this was the telephone but im still tweetin’!! I’m tipsy as f*k.’

He soon took down those tweets and then posted an apology,

“Apologize for that tweet. it was stupid and immature. not a way i want to kick my #2010 year off. i got too much good stuff lined up. my bad.”

Well, it was definitely “your bad.” Let’s see how much the public will love you when they know you’re still stupid and immature in the year 2010 at the age of 23, and you’re good friends with Chris Brown – (the most hated guy of this generation) — our bad!

Source- TMZ

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