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Alena Gerber Is The Real Deal. Who? Keep Reading, You Will Want To Know.


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When one ponders Munich, often BMW or Oktoberfest often comes to mind. Some, the lucky ones, might also think of Alena Gerber. She walks down the streets of Zurich, Munich, Hamburg or Paris (her favorite European city) in her Bain de Nuit or Dolce & Gabbana dress and Prada bag, many on lookers wonder how this green eyed blonde Bavarian beauty has it all so put together. Who is Alena Gerber? (why do us men always speak about cars, alcohol and women in the same breath?). She is a young, classy, fun loving woman, model, actress and living in Zurich. Zurich? That’s right, she is Switzerland’s fastest rising imported German starlette on television’s Usgang.TV (pronounced ouws-gang, in German). She is not only the sultry host for the show, but the line producer as well. Fascinated by her work, which airs on Thursday evenings in Switzerland & Germany, I had to find what makes this little “Liebchen” tick.

Although it can be all lights and glamour, she works hard in her office all day long, planning her shows, co-editing as well and then out at night conducting the interviews. Attending parties or events, which are filmed and incorporated in to her show, leaves her with many waking hours and lack of sleep. She loves interviewing celebrities, musicians and artists but like most public figures, is just a simple girl.

Says Alena: “I am not a party girl. I’m a little boring actually. I prefer to go to a nice restaurant. I also do lots of charities”. When she is back home in Munich, which is quite often, she likes to be with her parents who she says would describe her as: “wild and obnoxious, crazy and sweet, lovely, funny and able to laugh about herself”.

With a collection of shoes from Christian Louboutin that would have made the late Imelda Marcos envious Alena still finds energy to work out every other day and spend time with her dogs Sam (Belgian Shepherd) and Cookie (Miniature Pinscher). But work is long and bills must be paid (even though she get tons of free designer dresses, make up and hand bags). She spends a lot of her “spare” time (if she has any) looking at her additional modeling opportunities, which she is still very active in. She even did a small photo shoot with German Playboy, but unfortunately it wasn’t anything more revealing than what one would see in Miami Beach

It’s difficult keeping up with her fans via email or regular mail, and that also takes up some additional minutes in the day. She loves her fans and responds frequently.

Alena: “I also get a lot of strange mails from weird guys from Switzerland. Because I am German, they tell me ‘Alena, go back to Germany’ and stuff like that, but that’s okay for me. Most of the people who try to get in contact with me are very cute”

Although in Europe for now, she hopes to one day move to the USA preferably Los Angeles or Atlanta (apparently she once spent some time down south and loved it). With a large Hollywood smile and optimism that is so rare amongst jaded New Yorkers, this rising German starling is destined to conquer not only her immediate audience but I suspect the English speaking one in due time. We will keep a sharp eye on Alena in the years to come.

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