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Good Show, Celebrity Robbers!


amanda_peet copyWhen being a gorgeous celebrity doesn’t ensure the safety of your family jewels.

In a day and age where celebrities have to protect everything in their lives including their assets and their own asses, why has it become a “trend” that these celebrities’ homes are being ransacked and robbed? Don’t they have high-tech security systems that we humble beings have never even heard of? Don’t they have burly bodyguards who look like they take a steroid pill every day with their meals pushing everyone out of their way? How is it that these intruders (that have been revealed as a bunch of teenagers) get in, steal everything, and make it to the next celebrity home without getting caught? What’s their secret?

We don’t know, but it seems that as often as these burglaries are taking place, the robbers not only seem to be outsmarting the celebrities but also out-sassing them. Actress Amanda Peet’s apartment was ransacked and the robber was caught in the act by Peet’s employee Michelle Werner. Did the person gasp in horror, drop the belongings, and jump out the window? Did he fall on his knees, weep, and beg for forgiveness? No. Instead he said, “What’s up, bitch? I live here.” And off he went with a jewelry box estimated to cost approximately $900.

Seriously? What a strong pair of balls this guy must have had in his trousers. Or is he just guffawing at the fact that celebrities’ homes seem so easy to access and steal from? These celebrities of ours have got to get better security systems, or these robbers– especially the main teenage ones– will start to use their homes as a mall.