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Exclusive nonsense from Hollywood continues.


tijuanaTrying to make sense of people who hide behind dark glasses.

We tried watching the video below a number of times but every time it skips to start something inside of us wants to give up and barf. Could it be that alleged victim- paparazzo Ed Frommer is too scary and out of his league as he stands there recanting the horrible jabbing he took at the hands of Debbie Rowe’s (the mother of Michael Jackson’s children) fans pursuant to a lawsuit he filed against her over an incident in front of Chinese take away (we know it’s too surreal…)

Reports TMZ;

As we first reported, Frommer claims three men pulled him out of his car in Lancaster, Ca and began screaming “leave Debbie alone” — while shoving a bat in his chest.

Frommer doesn’t think Debbie put the men up to it — but he warns he’s taken “precautions” to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

As for us we have taken precautions to never go back to TMZ either.

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