Home Scandal and Gossip You sell one type of powder, you bump another.

You sell one type of powder, you bump another.


Billy_Mays_ApprovedBilly Mays’s corpse is being prodded yet again with new conclusions.

A second autopsy reveals the Mays was NOT a coke head: he just had done coke very recently before he died of (natural) causes. Heart disease is the alleged cause of the death of America’s (least) favorite informercial celeb.

How many people get the benefit of two autopsies after they die? Some don’t even get one. America so loved its OxiClean that is scoured the insides of its famously hyperactive hawker searching for clues. We can’t believe it, someone in the public eye used drugs? Let’s do some more tests.

Can we bury him yet or should we examine his DNA to make sure he isn’t some impostor corpse posing as a d-list celebrity? You never know, being famous makes people do some crazy things. In any event, don’t stop buying the powder, keep Mays’s memory alive.

Second Billy Mays autopsy finds cocaine did not contribute to infomercial king’s death

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