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You name a kid Falcon, he’s going to fly away.

balloonEvery six year old’s dream come true.

A family that plays together stays together. Well, maybe a qualifier should be added on to that old axiom: a family that plays together stays together UNLESS said play involves constructing a large balloon that a member of the family can crawl into and fly away at altitudes approaching 10,000 feet.

A Colorado boy gained access to his family’s home-made balloon and ascended into the Denver sky. Who would have thought building and storing a craft capable of high altitude travel in your backyard would have such devastating consequences?

First of all, kudos to the kid. He took the “I’m running away, see you jerks later!” attitude to the next level. Second, good work on the family’s part for thinking of a new activity to make family night a little more exciting. Third, thank you to mainstream media for brightening everyone’s day with this tale of realized childhood fantasy and neglect.

If this sensational event doesn’t end with some sort of large-scale balloon popping, mid-air rescue, or alien encounter, it will have been a waste. We will just have to settle for a tearful scene of handcuffed parents being ushered into the back of cop cars.

(Update– Balloon landed and the boy was missing. A twist ending just like the movie Signs)

Massive search underway for 6-year-old Falcon Heene who climbed into balloon that landed empty.

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