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It’s confirmed: street brawls with cab drivers and pedi cab drivers can sustain the national attention level.


cabWhen violence and aggression add meaning to your life.

What’s more exciting than a hot chocolate fudge, or a long passionate kiss or a sensual back rub or even a wonderfully well written novel? The answer- the sight of two middle aged low-lifes beating the crap out of each other on a busy intersection.

According to the NY Post (Gutter) thousands of New Yorkers were given a reason to live again whilst lining up for tickets to the David Letterman show (of course another reason to live if smut and extortions are your calling…).

While waiting two dimwits unwittingly smashed into each other. To be honest we don’t know the particular details of which Neanderthal bumped into which Neanderthal first but what we do know is it elicited some deep primal unresolved wounds in these buffoons who felt compelled to play out deeply held child psychological issues into an exciting fist fight which allowed thousands of miserable and confused individuals to be mildly charmed and inspired on that particular afternoon.

Thankfully for us and humanity the NY Post (Gutter) were there to capture the Elizabethan-proportioned drama. Look and marvel at the pictures below. Tears of elation and then disgust will be sure to follow…

When life gets a trifle inconvenient or boring one can always rely on clown acts to cheer you up…

Video shows cabby, pedicab driver brawl

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