Home Scandal and Gossip Death of a Gay Icon confuses England and most of Ireland too.

Death of a Gay Icon confuses England and most of Ireland too.


gatelyWhen being found dead the next morning isn’t a good career move…


We announce with some disdain and lament the sudden death of boy hero Stephen Gately, part of the Irish boy band Boyzone, who was found dead while vacationing  in Spain with his husband Andrew Coyles.

At current press time, media outlets all over the world are trying to figure out what killed Gately and how a man so young (33) could suddenly go to sleep and then never wake up again.

Rumors circulating include drugs, self hatred, confusion and just plain bad timing. With the lack of a clear reason why Gately suddenly died (no drugs or foul play seem to have been involved), the media is valiantly trying to find a compelling reason to spin Gately’s death into a sexy media event that will we assume propel the agenda of the suffering, tortured, but brilliant artist who had no choice but to opt out of life. This type of death always ensures perpetual notoriety and perpetual circulation of every song BOYZONE ever made in the 90’s.

The irony of course is that the band was planning a comeback for early next year and at this stage we are of the opinion the comeback will be a resounding success, of course Stephen Gately wont be present.

Sometimes life is perverse but why should that surprise us?

Irish Boy Bander Dies Suddenly in Spain