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Sarah Palin $7 million richer because of your stupidity.



When we warned you not to eat fried food you wouldn’t believe us.

Wow, yummy, burp, belch and fart – these are some of the ongoing reactions from the media today (including us) in response to the rumor that Sarah ‘dumb ass’ Palin has to date managed to pocket $7 million bucks for a book that she didn’t even write herself (duh, she’s illiterate – you didn’t really think she was going to actually do it herself kids?).

In our ongoing fascination with Sarah and her unbelievable life (and by extension our unbelievable fascination in her, large yawn kids….) Sarah who this time last year was taking a crap in the woods of Alaska has gone from virtual idiot unknown to omnipresent ‘you betcha’ pervasive known idiot.

The question begs is why is everyone lining up to read this woman’s dribble (after all any smut magazine including this one has an archive as large as the North Pole gas pipe ) when free smut can be had for free anytime anyplace and for free.

As for Palin on the lecture series it seems people might be balking at ponying up the $100 000 bucks per speech that dumb ass Sarah Palin is asking for. We of course have no idea why anyone should be balking and if we personally had a spare $100 000 we would gladly give it to Sarah in the hope of being amused and forever changed as mortal human beings.

In any event we’re glad Sarah quit politics to become a professional hustler. We think she has a great future ahead of her and if we could advise her – ‘it’s hustle baby hustle!’

Sarah’s lectures a tough sell

  • DeadManWalking

    and the surreal moments continue.

    kudos to all her supporters who give hope to intellectually challenged opportunists everywhere.