Home Scandal and Gossip Rudy Guilani is thinking out aloud whether you might vote for him.

Rudy Guilani is thinking out aloud whether you might vote for him.


rudy-guilaniWhen a loser wants to run for office but is afraid of losing…



What is it with politicians like Rudy who like to think aloud about going back to office, with their exploratory meetings, exploratory featuring in newspapers like the NY Post, TV shows like “Meet the Press,” (where our boy ‘Rudy’ ragged on his favorite taxes and crime) exploratory campaign visits and other public relation stunts

Is Rudy waiting for us to drop him a line – “Hey Rudy, that’s a great idea, so when can I vote for you and where do I send the campaign check?”

Rudy- “Gosh, why I thought you’d never ask. By the way can you make that a $50 note?

“Sure Rudy. I’m unemployed but for you anything. By the way let’s lower taxes and send those bitches to jail.

Rudy- “Ha ha, just tell me one thing – did you miss me?

Can we be honest Rudy- we don’t miss you, we want you to take that long deserved vacation to hell you always kept talking about. That said if you want to amuse us and keep exploring whether you want to run for Governor office we suggest you keep having those public thoughts

Cause at the end of the day – Rudy is a loser who is afraid of losing again

When politicians need to be cajoled with pr stunts before they are straight forward you learn to move on.

Rudy ‘still thinking’ – out loud

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  • Rick

    But…but…9/11! I was there on 9/11! 9/11 guys, hey, I said 9/11! I don’t have any policy to speak of, but 9/11! 9/11! 9/11!!!!

    Yeah, it kind of loses its luster after awhile.