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Reality House wife accused of Looting.


reality-house-wifeWhen reality stars turn to acting like rock stars…

It used to be a rite of passage for a rock star to loot their hotel room, set something on fire, pilfer the bar room or just tear the floor boards out. Of course that honor is now going to Reality Bimbo- Lynne Curting (Real Housewife of Orange County) who has decided misbehaving and trashing other peoples house must

1/ Be fun

2/ Will increase her rebel status premium

3/ Get other human beings to finally start talking about her.

4/ Have ‘Lilo’ dropping by for tea post Labor day weekend

5/ Have her confronting the least desired option of visiting jail.

The fun and squalor was reported by the actual house owner who has now asserted that Reality Bimbo Curting also stole a bookcase, credenza, armoire and a glass shelf — worth around $5,000 . Wait she can read books?

And it continues- The homeowner also claims the home’s carpet was trashed, there were holes in the walls and the travertine tub was damaged.

The home owner then goes on to say – “I am blown away that grown people can behave this way. They have daughters, how can they seriously think they are setting an example.”

We on the other hand are not surprised- bimbos, evicted reality stars or whatever, it’s just business as usual..

When reality Bimbos misbehave it’s a often a good way to get attention but a silent remonstration of insanity…

Evicted ‘Housewife’ Accused of Looting

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