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Wall st boys told to ‘not even think about buying that Ferrari.”


buying-that-ferrariThe sudden humility of conspicuous consumption…


Goldman Sachs is finally on the receiving end of public shtick as the ‘power boys’ are making out like bandits with outsized bonus payments being made courtesy of your bail out dollars…

Well, could it be true people are starting to smell a fox in ‘your’ collective chicken coup? Amid the simmering disgust (it seems we only notice people getting disgusted when they are no longer rich, forget those of us who are perennially broke…) Goldman CEO – Lloyd Blankfield put the hard pedal down and insisted to all his ‘brats’ that excessive or conspicuous consumption of toys will not be tolerated. (can you imagine the boos from the trading room?)

Belying the point of even turning up to a wall st bank the power set are now being denied effectively access to their millions and are now being forced to play ‘paper see through’ public relations.

Of course we do wonder if we would really be having this discussion if all the other banks and their boys made bumper profits too. Unfortunately they didn’t and of course it just wont bode well for a lot of the lads if they are outspent this summer. Will it?

Oh well, looks like they’ll be less Ferraris whizzing past Fifth avenue this summer? But do you really care…?


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