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Jasmine Fiore- when breast implants are your only option.


jasmine-fioreThe gruesome way to identify a corpse.


Authorities struck a lucky break in their identification of murdered ex Playboy playmate Jasmine Fiore as the serial numbers pertaining to her breast implants were still in place. Most times, dental records or finger prints are usually used but it seems the killer (reality star Ryan Jenkins is prime suspect number one) was very thorough in his attempts to do away with identity. Or nearly that is.

Jenkins a contestant on the reality show – “Megan wants to marry a millionaire,” only reported his wife Jasmine missing after her mutilated body was found in a suitcase in Los Angeles. When asked to drop by questioning, Ryan found the need to suddenly high tail it over to Canada where he hopes to escape being sent back to the US authorities should they ask for a death sentence. (apparently Canadian law stipulates that a fugitive will not be extradited if a capital punishment option exists)

The irony of course is contestants on the reality show have to show they are a millionaire before being allowed to participate, but now Ryan can also show that he has a million or more people very interested in him as well.

When savage behavior begets savage reality contestants.

Mutilated Playboy model Jasmine Fiore identified by her breast implants

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