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Have you been to the latest coke den: Route 36?


route-36Where anything comes and goes in La Paz, Bolivia.


Welcome to your favorite new coke den- located somewhere in La Paz, Bolivia, where according to how the resident neighbors are feeling (and not to mention the police who need to be appropriately paid off) can be in one location for one week, another for 2 months if they are lucky and back to another soon after.

It’s a ‘fun’ place where you can hang out with a gin and tonic, traveling backpackers, a few locals, a bottle of water on the house and of course the specialty on the menu- pure grade cocaine.

Depending on your mood you can stay here for an hour, a day and like most people who drop by a week or two (we wonder why?). With the ATM just around and ‘interesting’ clientele whom you will be wanting to tell your story over and over (albeit a bit jittery each new time) and the wonderful views of La Paz, shouldn’t you make Route 36 at La Paz, Bolivia your next coke den of choice?

The world’s first cocaine bar

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