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Actresses- Did you make it to your ‘Sex and the City 2” Casting?


sin-and-the-cityThe things aspiring actresses have to do…


So today finally arrived for thousands of actresses who flocked to the Metropolitan Pavilion to get their chance to be part of the Sex and the City crew and get to live the life that we all know by now is completely false no matter how much it kind of resembles reality- especially when you girls finally manage to starve thirteen weeks to afford your new Jimmy Choos..

In any event we wanted to go over a cursory checklist of things you girls may want to remember whilst auditioning.

1/ The ability to say meaningless but equally profound things but with dead pan seriousness

‘ Do you think Mr. Big has a crush on me too?’ or how about ‘Is it okay for me to pretend I’m a well paid writer or sex columnist when in reality I kind of hate men, well really just playboys who I’ll always keep falling for…”

2/ The ability to feign surprise and hope that the guy you actually are in love with kind of loves you in return.

3/ The ability to look thoroughly invigorated and sweat free as you sashay down a 100 degree day.

4/ The ability to ignore all the cat calls you know you ‘re kind of getting as you walk down the street.

5/The ability to forgive yourself when and if you do finally book the gig when in reality you really wanted to be the next Katherine Hepburn and not some prissy socialite.

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