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Should Debbie Rowe take a blood test to prove she’s Debbie Rowe as well?


debbie-roweThe pandemonium in continues in Never Ever land…

There’s a lot at stake for Debbie Rowe right now, from the legitimacy of her right to be the legal guardian of deceased Michael Jackson’s children (never mind the claims she might not be the biological mother of Michael’s kids) and let’s not forget the countless millions she could potentially collect if she is conveniently able to reinstate her existence to that of Michael after she took the money and ran in 1999 after agreeing to sever all rights to her children.

But with the stakes getting higher and the booming sales of Michael regalia flying off the wall Debbie has been thinking…thinking too hard.

That is why we propose that Debbie take a blood test to prove that she is Debbie, cause we think with all the media hoopla and the obvious strain of being formerly attached to Michael, Debbie may need to take a blood test just to prove she is who she really thinks she is.

Like her, we’ll be patiently waiting for the results of the blood tests.

Debbie Rowe — Out to Pasture

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