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If I’m a straight white male am I happier than other males?


beer-guyThe things white males have had to be subjected to in the recent recession…


It used to be an unspoken rule if you were a white straight male life would kind of fall in your lap and apart for the occasional 3 percent loss in your stock portfolio or the discovery your girlfriend or wife is now sleeping with another white straight male life was even keel.

Not anymore. According to recent reports white straight men are now being forced to swallow their pride and show some (no matter how subtle) signs of public contrition.

Primarily responsible for the recent hubris in the world most straight white males, except for the ones that work for the very investment banks that brought on the disarray in the first place are now being forced to apply for jobs that only white non straight males used to solely apply for and sometimes worse apply for jobs and even girlfriends primarily until now reserved for most non straight white males.

Not only are jobs scarce, but the sense that most white males had the system figured out has also been brought into question forcing most white straight males into momentary consideration of existentialism before reaching for another bear in the fridge.

In any event like you we’re worried for most straight white males and we hope they can think of something heroic that only they could only do so as to reinstall pride and faith in the community. We’re sure in due course they’ll think of something clever .

Straight non white males can do it better than you because until the system breaks.

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