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Why would you use unknowns to play Bernie Madoff in a Hollywood film when you have plenty of real known choices?


bernard_madoffHere’s a mystery? Why set out to make a Bernie rips you off film with unknowns and then again why didn’t they make this into film before it actually happened in real life?

Here’s an idea, take a legend, make him do things that only the devil would do, pitch it to some producer, have him scream at you for being such an idiot to come up with an idiot plot line, to only watch him chase you when the whole thing ends up not only becoming reality but a nightmare for a whole lot of people. The only thing we wonder now that everyone is off to the horses to make this film, is why use un knowns to play Bernie. We can think of a dozen deserving real life crooks who should get first dibs for this role. For one why not the ex vice president- Dick (and don’t we mean it) Cheney, if he can’t get out of his wheel chair, maybe one can talk to George W Bush, we’re sure he’ll have no problem acting in this one…


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