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“I’ve got a crush over you!”

Photography by Seana Cavanagh.

Beautiful boy. This is who he is, and those gents standing in front of me are just as beautiful. Then again we’re only at ‘CRUSH’ fanzine’s launch party, and the whole room is infatuated, making their way over, their hearts set on the same said beautiful boy.

Here’s a concept for you. Take an idea, subject, identity and allow yourself to become deeply obsessed by it, the collation of which appearing in a ‘fanzine’ as opposed to a magazine. This is the new idea behind ‘Crush’ a quarterly journal brought to you by Nicolas Wagner.

With giddy entitlement the first subject of ‘Crush’s’ benediction a boy glam model stood there whilst the cameras and the crowds clicked with their eyes and shutters. In one picture he is seen with six pack ab, the other a demure expression looking beyond heaven and in the magazine itself were letters of desire and dangerous obsession.

Part mock part serious gesture and mostly good natured fun the lads were gracing the confines of Envoy gallery with sleek gestures. One part of the room resembled a casting call for a Valentino ad while the other part of the room resembled a casting call for a Hugo Boss ad. To say there was admiration and self love would be an understatement, but even this Scallywag could see that these lads could get the double glance from a woman as far as two blocks away. Or should I say the obsession.

Charmed, I reflected on my own obsession and started wondering what draws one to have a crush and in these harrowing times of annihilation and capitulation how refreshing it must be to be giddy, trembling at the knees and desirous of the regard of a certain boy. A beautiful boy that is.


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  1. This is a clever and timely concept. In the world of tweet stalking, status updates( especially as evidenced in the new way they live in the “new” facebook layout), layoff and economic disintegration, gossip sites, and overall global blogetry its always nice to find a hero, and with such readily available vast digital arms its so much easier to find a hero. And Harder.

    Bringing him into the tactile world instead of living in mere pixels could potentially save us all. Or give us the hope to. Or just crush our hopes.

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