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Hard Times.


Photography by Sam Alderazi. Hrish in the middle and Scallywag.

Last Thursday the Chelsea Art Museum Young Associates and guests put on their slickest suits and dreamiest dresses to attend the Winter Wickedness party. As most of us on planet Earth have been informed, either by the transcendent power of the internet or simply by our empty pockets, times are hard. The Chelsea Museum Young Associates realize this, and decided to do something about it, perhaps by poking a little fun at it. As the video projections reminded us in a quite visually shocking manner, hard times call for extensive measures.

101_3982“He’s a hyper-sexed Harry Potter Elf,” was Lisa Ruben’s disturbingly true vision of the character in the video installations. But let’s be honest, hyper-sexed is a modest underestimation. He is a sick little munchkin, unequipped with a Super Ego but fully armed with an eruptive Id, appropriately allegorized by the gigantic phallus with which he threatens the ultra tamed audience protected by the darkness of the room. The spotlight is on him: with no shame and no restraint, he bounces to the beat of DJ Peter Jay’s house/lounge/reggae mixes against acid colored backgrounds. And there isn’t just one projection. Magical superpowers still endow him, allowing him to dance though the central divider wall on the bottom party floor. His menace covers every wall, like those fantasies know to do so well in the un-gated regions of your imagination.