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Son stabs Long Island dad, 77, while on Zoom AA call w/ 20 other men

Dwight Powers and Thomas Scully-Powers
Pictured, Dwight Powers Amytiville, Long Island man and son, Thomas Scully-Powers. Image via Facebook.
Dwight Powers and Thomas Scully-Powers
Thomas Scully-Powers Amityville, NY man stabs dad dead. Pictured, Dwight Powers, Long Island father (far right) and unidentified individual. Image via Facebook.

Dwight Powers Amityville, Long Island father stabbed to death by his son, Thomas Scully-Powers while on live Zoom call with 20 other men. 

A Long Island father has been stabbed to death by his adult son during a Zoom video chat with up to two dozen other men who were participating in the live stream. 

Several members of the Zoom chat called 911 after Dwight Powers, 72 of Amityville, NY was allegedly stabbed by his son, Thomas Scully-Powers, 32, Thursday noon at his Dixon Avenue home, the Suffolk County Police Department said.

Scully-Powers, 32, fled but was apprehended about an hour later at Ketcham Avenue and Cedar Street, a mile away.

According to WABC the son allegedly appeared naked in the Zoom feed after the slaying as the participants sought to notify authorities.  

Police who were called to the home say the son answered the door, slammed it in their faces, and fled through a window before he was caught a short while later.

Dwight Powers and Thomas Scully-Powers
Crime scene where Thomas Scully-Powers fatally stabbed, Dwight Powers at his Amityville, Long Island residence.

‘We don’t know what they witnessed’ 

Cops say the father was on a Zoom chat set up for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with 20 other men when he was stabbed to death during the live stream.

Participants on the Zoom chat first noticed something had gone wrong when they saw Powers fall during the feed, cops say.

Moments later they allegedly saw his son appear naked in the feed.

Offered, Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer, commanding officer of Suffolk’s Homicide Squad: ‘We don’t know what they witnessed. There were a number of people on this conference call. We think there were about 20 people.’ 

Adding, ‘They just noticed him fall off the screen and then they heard heavy breathing.’

‘They all did the right thing. They were all concerned about their friend. It was horrible that they had to witness this.’

At the time of the stabbing, one of the participants called for cops, but couldn’t provide an address for Powers. Others on the Zoom chat were able to figure out the victim’s name and location about 10 to 15 minutes later.

Upon his arrest, Scully-Powers was charged with murder in the second degree. He was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries suffered when he jumped out of a window, cop said. The son as of Thursday evening remains held at Suffolk County Police Headquarters.

Investigators have since sought a search warrant to find the knife used in the father’s stabbing death. An autopsy will determine how many times Powers was stabbed by his son, Beyrer said.

No known motive for the killing was immediately known.