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Georgia 16 year old girl charged w/ arson, murder in Monroe County house blaze

Candace Walton Forsyth Georgia
Pictured, Candace Walton Forsyth, Georgia teen.
Candace Walton Forsyth Georgia
Pictured, Candace Walton Forsyth, Georgia teen. Pictured the family Monroe County home burned down, brother Gerald Walton and missing mother, Tasha Vandiver.

Candace Walton Forsyth Georgia teen: What led to a 16 year old Monroe County girl burning her family home down and killing her special needs brother & possibly her mother? 

A Georgia teenage girl thought to have been killed in a house blaze alongside her brother, has been found alive and charged with murdering him and an unknown female believed to be her mother, authorities said. 

Candace Walton, 16, of Forsyth was thought to be dead when two bodies were found in a house fire in Monroe County, Ga. in the early morning hours of Thursday, while the girl’s mother remained missing.

The other body was identified as her 21-year-old brother, Gerald Walton, who has special needs.

Authorities found Candace alive and heading to Oregon in her mother’s stolen car later that afternoon. 13WMAZ reported Kentucky police stopping the teen more than 450 miles away in McCracken County.

The teen was brought in and arrested and charged with arson along with the murder of her brother and the unidentified female, who may be her missing mother. 

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Emergency services were called to a blaze at a property in Monroe County at around 3.30 am Thursday morning.

Two badly burned bodies were discovered inside the home and were originally identified as Gerald and Candace.

Authorities said the bodies were ‘burned beyond recognition’.

Officers reported the pair’s mother Tasha Vandiver, 46, missing and her vehicle, a white 2007 Chevrolet Malibu, unaccounted for. It wasn’t until later that day the mother’s car was discovered, with her daughter, Candace, who’d been presumed dead, driving the vehicle. 

A search of the vehicle led to officers bringing the girl in to custody.

Kentucky Sheriff Brad Freeman told the Macon Telegraph that officers found ‘some incriminating things’ in the car.

The suspect said she was heading for Oregon, where authorities believe she has a boyfriend, Freeman added. 

The Sheriff confirmed Monroe County investigators had traveled to Kentucky and spoken to the suspect but would not divulge ‘what kind of statement she made’.

Candace’s mother is still missing and the second body has not been identified.

It has not been confirmed if she is the other person whose remains were found in the burned home. 

Initially the fire was not believed to be intentionally set.  

Walton has been charged with arson, theft by taking, and two counts of murder.  

Tasha Vandiver
Pictured, Tasha Vandiver.
Candace Walton Monroe County Georgia brother
Candace Walton Monroe County Georgia brother, Gerald Walton.