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Future Princess hero: 9 year old black girl found in duffel bag identified-two people in custody.

Trinity Love Jones
Trinity Love Jones pictured with her father, Anthony Love Jones.
Trinity Love Jones
Future Princess hero black child body identified as 9 year old California girl, Trinity Love Jones.

Trinity Love Jones identified as body of black girl wearing Future Princess Hero shirt found in duffel bag last week as 9 year old local Hacienda Heights, California girl. Two individuals in custody. 

A young girl found dead inside a duffel bag last week near a trail in Hacienda Heights, California has been identified as 9 year old girl, Trinity Love Jones.

In a released statement Sunday night, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said they are still trying to determine who killed the girl who first turned up wearing a pink shirt, ‘Future Princess hero’ and the circumstances of her death. Investigators noted having detained two people of interest who may be connected to the case. 

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Capt. Kent Wegener, who oversees the homicide bureau, said more detectives are being assigned to assist in the investigation, given the volume of information related to the child’s body.

‘We have had thousands of tips come in from across the country,’ Wegener said.

Detectives haven’t made public how the girl died, and they expect to get more information from an autopsy and tests on the child’s body in the next couple of days, he said.

A sheriff’s spokesperson late Friday said the girl’s death has been ruled a homicide.

Several sources said investigators are seeking forensic evidence including any DNA from the duffel bag and the child’s clothes that could identify who dumped the body. Camera footage is also being sought from nearby shopping areas.

The girl’s 55-pound body was found at the bottom of an embankment just east of the 3400 block of Hacienda Boulevard, about 120 yards from the beginning of the trail. She had been there less than 48 hours when she was discovered, investigators said.

Trinity Love Jones
Trinity Love Jones mother pictured with her boyfriend, Emiel Hunt.

Why didn’t Trinity Love Jones mother report her daughter missing?

A man who identified himself as the girl’s father told KTLA-TV that he was in shock.

‘Words can’t explain what I’m feeling right now,’ Antonio Jones said. ‘I just want answers. I just want justice.’

‘She was just the best,’ he said. ‘Full of character, full of life, full of joy.’

Jones did not provide further details about the case, that said a regard of social media postings led to media site heavy.com making the following observation: 

‘Emiel Hunt, who says on Facebook that he is in a relationship with a woman who appears to be Trinity’s mother per other social media posts, is currently being held in the Los Angeles County Jail on $2 million bail and a felony accusation, online records show. However, it’s not clear whether that March 9, 2019 arrest is related or not to Trinity’s death, and the specific charge is not detailed.’

An extended family member claimed on Facebook that Trinity was ‘not reported missing because her mother kept her away from us. Every time we asked about her she would say she was okay. She enrolled her in home school so she basically was with the mother and boyfriend the whole time…we all reached out, we called dcfs. nobody would listen.’

A 2016 Los Angeles Times examination of child homicides found there had been more than 400 since Jan. 1, 2000, across Los Angeles County. Many of the children were victims of abuse or violence in their homes, and most died at the homes of parents or guardians.

Dan Scott, a retired L.A. County Sheriff’s sergeant who was involved in dozens of child abuse and death investigations, told the Times that the circumstances of this case are particularly unusual and that it’s ‘extremely rare to see a child’s body dumped.’