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Why? Rancho Tehama Shooting 5 dead: Domestic violence cited

 Rancho Tehama Shooting
Rancho Tehama Shooting: Pictured the area near Red Bluff, California.

Rancho Tehama Shooting leaves five dead, including the shooter who went on a random shooting spree in seven locations following a domestic violence incident. 

Five people have reportedly been killed and ten hospitalized in a string of shootings that began around 8 a.m. Tuesday at Rancho Tehama Reserve, southwest of Red Bluff, northern California.

Law enforcement told of shots being fired in seven locations, including Rancho Tehama School, and scanner reports indicate one child was among the wounded. Gunfire erupted as parents were dropping off their children for the start of the school day.

Also killed was the gunman, since identified as Kevin Janson Neal, believed to be the sole shooter.

The shootings are thought to have come after the un-identified shooter having been recently released on bond for stabbing a woman. According to KHSLTV, the gunman was known to authorities, with the shooting springing from a domestic violence incident.

Upon the mass shootings occurring circa 8am, Temaha County Sheriff’s Deputies told of the school being secured as of 10 a.m. with school children moved to the Recreation Hall.

A report via redbluffdailynews told of authorities working to notify parents.

Why? Kevin Janson Neal i’d as Rancho Tehama Shooting suspect

Kevin Janson Neal
Pictured, 43 year old Red Bluff man, Kevin Janson Neal, Rancho Tehama shooting suspect.

Rancho Tehama Shooting suspect had been shooting a lot of bullets lately. 

Local man, Brian Flint, 27, said his truck was stolen from his residence while he was not home and used in the shooting. He told the Daily News his roommate was among those killed.

Flint said the suspect had reportedly fired shots late at night and in the early morning on several occasions over the last month.

Told Flint, ‘The crazy thing is that the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately, hundreds of rounds, large magazines. We made it aware that this guy is crazy and he’s been threatening us’. 

Yet to be necessarily understood is how the convicted felon was able to acquire arms and whether authorities had responded to calls about ‘shooting disturbances’?

Of note, Flint relayed the female victim of the apparent stabbing which led to the shooter being recently locked up was the wife of a neighbor who the gunman was fighting with.

The shooting began at the end of Fawn Lane near Bobcat Lane, according to officers at the scene. Shots also were fired at Rancho Tehama Road near the intersection with Paskenta Road, where two people who did not know the shooter were shot in a gray Ford pickup truck.

The occupants of the gray pickup were a woman and a child and both were transported to the hospital.

Another victim was reportedly shot at the corner of Stagecoach Road and Oak Park Road, according to scanner reports.

Rancho Tehama Shooting
Rancho Tehama Elementary school Shooting
Rancho Tehama Shooting
Rancho Tehama Shooting timeline

Rancho Tehama Shooting suspect stole truck following initial shooting before traveling to school.

From there, the gunman used the stolen truck to travel to the school where he injured at least three children and one adult before being brought down.

Record Searchlight reported a six-year-old child being shot twice and another, whose age is not known, was shot in the leg.

The entire Rancho Tehama Reserve is locked down and nobody was being allowed in or out as of 10 a.m. Tuesday. About 100 officers were at the scene and some continued to search for victims, according to scanner reports.

After the shooting, police told of recovered a semiautomatic rifle and two handguns believed to be used by the shooter.

Police have not established any motive for the killings, saying the suspect appeared to target victims at random. Particularly daunting is why the shooter drove all the way to the school where he took aim at children beginning their day of ‘learning…..’ 

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