Home Scandal and Gossip Chinese student swallows 14cm metal spoon eating delicious ice cream

Chinese student swallows 14cm metal spoon eating delicious ice cream

Chinese student swallows 14cm metal spoon
Have you inadvertently swallowed a spoon …?

Zhang Weiwei a 22 year old Chinese student has been hospitalized after inadvertently swallowng a 14cm (5.5 inches) metal spoon while eating ice cream after being shoved from behind.

According to a report via the People’s Daily Online. the woman was walking back to her room at university in Wuhan last week when someone suddenly pushed her, causing her to shout out and swallow the 14 centimetre-long spoon.

A visit to the hospital showed X rays revealing a metal spoon lodged in her stomach.

In a bid to remove the foreign object (you think?) which measured two centimetres (just shy of an inch) at its widest point, doctors used a wire snare passed through her mouth, into the oesophagus and via her stomach as a lasso.

Although the entire procedure took on just 10 minutes, doctors at the hospital said fortunately the spoon hadn’t caused any internal bleeding. 

Pursuant to the incident, the student said that she had felt bloated after the incident, but had initially wanted to wait a day before going to hospital because she did not feel particularly unwell. 

It was only when she did some research online that she realised how serious the situation was. 

Slight pause. ‘What if I die because I swallowed a metal spoon whilst gorging on a delicious ice cream …?’

Xu Xiangshang, a gastrosurgeon at the hospital, said the slender design of the spoon meant that it slid easily into Miss Zhang’s stomach with the hard knock from behind. 

Last month, a Chinese woman was rushed to hospital after getting a 30 centimetre-long spatula lodged down her throat after attempting to tend to a spicy reaction to home made dish. Indeed….

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