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Did Nick Carter fuel sister’s drug addiction?


While it’s no secret that the Carter family has had their fair share of ups and downs over the years, having aired their (sometimes extremely) dirty laundry out on the hit E! show House Of Carters back in 2006, I must say that not being invited to/attending your own sibling’s funeral is downright vicious and just plain sad no matter what one’s family dynamic is. It’s true we all have different coping mechanisms, but one should never not get their chance to say goodbye to a loved one.

It was on January 31st when TMZ broke the news that 25 year old Leslie Carter, sibling of singers Aaron Carter and popular Backstreet Boy member, Nick Carter (as well as sister’s Angel and Bobbie Jean,) passed away in upstate New York from the result of a deadly mix of prescription meds, leaving behind husband Mike Ashton and one year old daughter, Alyssa. Both Nick and Aaron had previous battles with their own addictions to drugs and alcohol. TMZ spoke to Nick the day after Leslie’s funeral, with Nick stating, “Nobody told me about my sister’s funeral.” His stepmother, however, refutes this by stating, “That’s not true.”

Rumors have since been swirling all over the internet as to the reasons why Nick possibly wasn’t in attendance at Leslie’s funeral, with some fans over on the JJB Board wondering if he and brother Aaron may have had a hand in her addiction to drugs to begin with, and others believing Nick’s current tour schedule may have caused a conflict.

Nick paid tribute to Leslie at a show in NYC. Video below.



  1. Brianne that’s not true and you know it nick is not like that and either is Aaron. They couldn’t do that in florida because that’s illegal. Aaron and Nick are nice people not mean people

  2. Close emotionally, or close physically enough to “fuel” her addiction.  You would need a timeline which doesn’t exist. They both come from the same dysfunction so it isn’t hard to see where they might have had the same problem–but HIS problem did not CAUSE her problem which is what you are implying.  And that is unfair.

  3.  I beg to differ, Kathryn. It’s very easy to speculate – however, Nick was extremely close to Leslie at one point – the whole family has had issues, and in this case the apple doesn’t seem to fall too far from the tree.

  4. I think the people who speculate that Nick or Aaron fueled Leslie’s drug addiction really don’t know much about any of the sibs. First, Leslie lived in Canada, not LA with her husband. She was living there for years BEFORE she got married.  Except for that short period of filming HOC, she was never near either brother enough for them to have “fueled an addiction”.  That was the whole premise of the HOC show–none of the sibs were “together” and had grown apart over the years.  Second, she was addicted to PRESCRIPTION medications–ie drugs she got for whatever reason from a doctor. She had bipolar syndrome and knowing the family history, a probable genetic tendancy to addiction. It was her OWN problems that led to her tragedy, not her brothers. 

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