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Take a close look at this Diet Pepsi can and ask yourself if there is something very very wrong??



Pepsi agrees to scrap can that elicited 9/11 drama, comes out with new design.

Will you be switching to diet coke soon? Have a close look at the can and ask yourself what was Pepsi thinking? Or is it just a case of Pepsi being completely nonchalant?

Of note, the manufacturers of this Diet Pepsi product are PepsiArabia

**Editor’s note. It seems Pepsi has suddenly become aware of the fracas as of 8.30pm EST Sunday night. Have a look at the bottom of this page to read their official reaction.– Scallywag

Source; facebook

And the comments continue, and how...
Disgusting? Sued? But aren't Pepsi entitled to their point of view even if it strikes many as insensitive?
Forward this to the media? Hmm, I wonder what Pepsi would say then?
Do you really think the ad was designed in such a way to appeal to Arab sentiments as Sunshine State of-Mind thinks?
Are you disgusted? Are you lost for words, or are you just simply in the mood for a can of diet Pepsi?


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  • Lauren Gardner

    Now that the damage has been done, the haters will go on to scrutinize another product, to see if they can find fault in it. And then, they wonder why they don’t have a job. I challenge everyone on this planet to look for the “good” instead of the “bad.” Later, we can compare notes?!  Love, Me 

  • Laurip54

    I want to know why Obama copied “The Pepsi logo!”  Anyways, it’s just an imaginary City skyscape.  Probably “Coke” is behind this.  It wont affect Warren Buffet. He has stock in both “Pepsi & Coke.” However, I have stock in “Pepsi” only. So I would appreciate your drinking “Pepsi”. Thanks!!!

  • Lady_star_fire

    With 41% of your customer base at risk over this can, it is a huge marketing issue. the loss of Billions of US dollars. This can is a slap in the face to most US patriots…on the scale of having a third trimester Miss America pageant winner.

  • Dancinboots06

    Go back to the hood boy. My sister is one of those soldiers fighting over there and I lost many friends on that day. Your freedom is yours because of all those who gave their lives for you. Have a little respect niggerblack.

  • Gabedemaria

    i dont see anything sorry

  • Exiter

    Yeah..you guys are right must be a coincidence…just like the words SEX were written on the cans too..I am sure they are not trying to rile up the masses or anything or get the finger pointed in the wrong direction, I mean who would do a thing like that, right?

  • Angel

    I reposted as a link to this story. It was removed from FB.

  • Carlajo

    this is very disrespectful!!!! how insensitive to depict the twin towers and the plane circling before it crashed!!!

  • Wendy

    Funny, all the post of Facebook relating to this can were all removed from yesterday.  I had a share link on page, and now it’s gone.  WTF???!!!!!!???

  • Me

    Foreign designed packaging somehow offends over sensitive American looking to be offended? Shocking.  Go look at some Japanese noodle cartons next.

  • Josh Luukkonen

    Yawn. If that’s something to get excited over, we’ve got our priorities in the wrong place. God help us all.

  • Niggerblack

    bunch of fucking idiots.. grow up. fuck you and fuck 9/11. it’s just a random city scape. and planes are much apart of city scapes as idiots.

  • Joker-10

    when you see a image like that on any can from any company it has to make you wonder what they were thinking weather it happpened in the usa or where ever else it should not have happened its plain out insulting and unethical 

  • Exiter

    If you really want to be hit with something ..keep in mind who OWNS pepsi..