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Erotic dancing turns flight around back to Moscow


Only in Russia…

Disgruntled Russians with a problem with booby tassels experienced travel delays this morning, as a 39-year-old inebriated woman shocked passengers 15 minutes into the flight by sauntering down the aisle, removing men’s glasses, and dancing obscenely.

My Fox Austin reports that the 7:00 AM flight from Moscow to London turned right back around, the woman was arrested and submitted to medical examiners, and the more excited of the passengers badgered the woman to join them in one of those new Russian airport sleep-boxes.

Now, we’ve heard of some strange occurrences happening on planes as of late–mostly involving urine–but erotic dancing is a novel news item, especially at seven in the morning.  This sort of thing must happen routinely on wealthier Russian jets fueled by vodka, though of course no one talks about that.  Maybe the poor girl boarded the wrong aircraft.

In any case, all these exciting reports should bolster air travel.  It’s a shame the agency reporting this one does not divulge the carrier’s name, since they’d have a sure-fire ad slogan: Come With A Ticket, Leave With A Story.

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