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Jetstar Passenger urinates in plane aisles, let off with a warning.


JetStar: maintaining a free-for-all policy for all passengers.

A Kiwi flying from Auckland to Singapore two days ago could not make it to the bathroom, so he let fly in the aisle.  He was probably drunk (source Amos Chapple informed NZ Herald News, “’Him and the mate were sitting there and mixing [whiskey] in Burger King cups. Six hours later they were catatonic’”); and he managed to urinate on a man’s leg, a woman’s scarf, and leave a puddle sloshing around for the remaining five or so hours of the flight.  Poor guy did not know what he was doing.

The scandal: Jetstar let him off with only a warning.

NZ Herald News: “JetStar said the urinator was issued an official warning from the plane’s captain, had his alcohol confiscated, and returned to his seat to sleep off the public incident.

“Jetstar last night confirmed that “there was an inebriated passenger who engaged in inappropriate and disruptive behaviour”, but maintained police did not need to get involved.”

So the guy was drunk.  Flight attendants passed out wipes for any spray-victims and gave a plastic baggie to contain the contaminated scarf.  Generally, there seems to have been little indignation among passengers.

NZ Herald News:  “Jetstar was contacting the customers affected by the incident to arrange compensation.

“They would probably get a $200 voucher and an apology letter.”

It is possible that parts of the world other than America might find this situation less than an atrocity.  Outside America, I have seen men—very well-dressed men, at that, sober in three-piece suits—urinate in the middle of a busy sidewalk in broad daylight.  This news item is outrageous, but an outrage?  Maybe not.

One things for sure: TSA coverage keeps pushing the envelope

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    if some guy pisses in a plane because being drunk, what would you do? put him to jail for several month, so that he learns a lesson? like paris hilton? lulz. this might have been so awkward for him, that he probably wont ever again drink during a flight (hope so)

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