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Teen pulls out own teeth because his dad refused to take him to the dentist.


Have you got a tooth ache coming along?

To be candid, we’re just grimacing at what one young man, out in Philadelphia had to resort to in dealing with some troubling teeth. That said, let’s all heard to the barn and look for our personal pliers as we read about the adventures of one young teen dealing with something that we hope you never have to deal with.

philadelphia.cbslocalEASTON, Pa. (CBS) — Authorities say a Pennsylvania teen who pulled two of his own teeth with pliers needed emergency surgery because his father wouldn’t take him to the dentist.

Francisco Torres, 41, surrendered to authorities Tuesday after his 14-year-old son used pliers to pull out two of his own teeth to relieve months of pain.

Torres didn’t take the boy to the dentist – saying he has neither insurance nor a way to get there.

Kids- I don’t know about you, but this is either a sad indictment on parenting or our healthcare system? Last time we checked something like emergency healthcare exists, never mind public transport. But then again, perhaps Mr Torres would have come up with busfare or emergency funds if it were his molar teeth that were playing up- just a hunch.

“Finally around Jan 16 or 17, the child has so much pain he goes and gets the pliers and pulls one out and then the other,” said Miller.

But shards of broken teeth were left behind – and the child required surgery to remove them and to repair his gums.

So much for broken families, never mind broken teeth…