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Are you ready to start pole dancing for Jesus?


Forget What Jesus Would Do… What would YOU do for Jesus?

Some sassy Christian ladies in Texas have decided that you can be devoted to Jesus by keeping your body in perfect form– by pole dancing.

It’s serious business, however, you can’t just pretend to be a believer to get in. Your church’s program must be presented for entrance to the class, and the purpose of the class is to desexualize the stigma of pole dancing as a stripper sport, and utilize it as a way to keep your body fit.

HuffPo: Women are encouraged to develop a positive self-image, celebrating the body that God gave them.

All is well in the world when every second Sunday of the month God-fearing women can shake what their mamas gave ’em for the love of God, and we’re sure he loves them more for it.

Shouldn’t you start pole dancing for Jesus too? God will throw you a $50 tip for the first dance…