Home Scandal and Gossip Joan Rivers still looks hot in leather hot pants at 77.

Joan Rivers still looks hot in leather hot pants at 77.


How much plastic surgery do you need to put these guys on?

Giving more vestige to the idea that a little bit of pruning at the doctor’s office goes a long way, fierce fire eater and unapologetic sensation Joan RIvers has this morning awoken America from a deep slumber by appearing in a new ad for Go Daddy that has the chipmunks in our marble foyers somersaulting with glee.

dailymail.co.ukFor 77-years-old, Rivers appeared to have the body of a woman half her age – yet she insists that there was no camera trickery involved.

There may have been no camera trickery, but the fact that Joan even turned up is its own trick. 

‘Yes, yes, yes, it’s my body in the @GoDaddy ad,’ she tweeted soon after the commercial aired during one of the Super Bowl ad breaks in the U.S. last night.

‘The New York Knicks can’t be the only ones to share in this pleasure.’

One day deep in the future when Joan is standing in front of corrugated mirror- she will suddenly break down and whimper to the universe why it took her 60 years to be 17 again.

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