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Fireman and Female City Worker Turn $2.4M Airport Mobile Command Center into ‘Torrid’ Sex Venue


During a routine check of the Denver International Airport’s $2.5 Million Dollar mobile command post guards laid eyes on a rather unexpected kind of ‘highly sensitive’ equipment:  “x-rated evidence” of a firefighter and female city worker having “torrid sex romps” dangerously close to the computer systems.

The reportedly furious quickies – one is said to have occurred between 3:15pm and 3:26pm – not only display the ease with which one can infiltrate the very places which house airport control operations,  but should also point out exactly how unsafe we may really be, no matter what we’re told otherwise and how harshly our crotches may end up getting caressed by  TSA employees.

A city investigator stated: ‘An inadvertent bump into one of the many computers, uplinks, or other sensitive equipment could turn off or change settings, delaying or making it difficult to reset the equipment to a ready position to respond to life-threatening emergencies. ‘

What place could better illustrate the way fantasy operates and manifests itself than the contemporary American airport and its connected operating systems: on the outside you’ve got government employees ensuring consumer security by allegedly violating fliers with invasive pat downs (or taking unflattering nude x-ray pics), and on the inside you’ve got other government employees, unable to control their lust for the duration of a whole workday, secretly banging each other next to the sensitive safety equipment…

Like the psychiatric patient whose repressed inward tension becomes perverted and displaced outward, governing bodies compensate for their own problems and failings by unleashing their own internal tensions on their citizens. That is, shockingly unspeakable and repeatedly denied internal problems are both justified and perversely expressed outward on unlucky innocents.

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