Home Fashion Trina Turk: Tangy Miss Surly at the Key-Party.

Trina Turk: Tangy Miss Surly at the Key-Party.

Photography by Aracelis Batista. Trina Turk Spring/Summer Collection 2011.

Have you seen the Ice Storm? Ang Lee? 70’s families cross-pollinating on shag carpets or by the punch-jar… Far from the formality of LA (Formality? Have we been encountered with the same Miss Southern California?), in the plushy Desert Storm of Palm Springs, Trina Turk invites you to one naughty weekend getaway…

As we venture in Trina’s dollhouse, the welcoming ice-tea isn’t from Long Island, but it’s proffered and refreshing nonetheless. A merry band of models in beachwear shoot the breeze on the mocked-up set, all fluttery lemon rompers on obsidian skin, profound indigos on a length of shorts mostly overlooked for the gentleman : a very salient half-thigh. We will find this trend on most masculine revelers here, whether in white courtepointe in the bedroom, shooting Polaroids of his GF’s embellished canari dress; or in languid prints in the living room, entertaining friends by the grandpa’s gramophone…