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The Day in Public Perverts: Judge James Gibbons and Professor Oliver Collins

Judge James Gibbons in a court sketch.
Judge James Gibbons in a court sketch.

Oh the joy: we’ve finally caught a judge looking at stuff that’s NSFW. Let the spectacle begin. Here, I’ll spearhead it after regurgitating the prerequisites.

NY Daily News: Disgraced Manhattan jurist James Gibbons, a whip-smart ex-prosecutor who once convicted rapists and killers, fired off a terse resignation letter last week after the nasty cache was uncovered.

“There was a lot of porn on his computer – all young women,” an investigator told the Daily News. “Lots of crotch and cleavage shots.”

But besides the obvious utter stupidity of watching porno on a work computer what are we so upset about here, at least yet? Crotch and cleavage shots? Please, frankly don’t even approach the ‘v’ in ‘vile’ that Hasids are forced to see witness every day while walking through certain sections of Brooklyn.

Is not our interest here really rooted in the pure schadenfreude of seeing someone tumble who was once a respected member of society and in a position of power? What about the astounding absurdity that judges like G. Dennis Adams who ran a racket absconding with fellow affiliates pensions for their troubles, while ones whose click on softcore porno get chased down off their chairs by hapless media hacks holding pitchforks and lanterns?

It’s good to be in the news biz kids, and there’s nothing better than a little sexual perversion if you want to wholly discredit someone (William S. Burroughs, every uber-hipster’s favorite writer, at one time a hack himself, always used to harp on this; he knew firsthand).

The New York Daily News report continues: The Manhattan district attorney’s office is scouring the vile files to determine if criminal charges are warranted – and are checking whether any of the women are underage.

We can only hope for such a story. I’m already refreshing Stalker Gawker and Page Six at thirty-five second intervals…

Meanwhile, today’s other featured pervert, Notre Dame Professor Oliver Collins, is suing the famed Catholic school for firing him after he allegedly used $190,000 in grant money to shoot some porno, all to what seems mostly a chorus of half-hearted snarky comments about his Elton John glasses (to be fair, they do just scream oddball predator) and resounding applause.

The South Bend Tribune reports: A university investigation revealed Collins received the grant money for research and instead bought at least seven digital cameras, many lenses, surveillance cameras, an over sized printer and computer equipment he used to produce pornographic photos.

We’re aware, of course, that grant money, at least in general, comes from our tax funds, right? That those pictures aren’t yet public property should be the real outrage… until, I should say, there’s further evidence of heinous wrongdoing.

If only Judge Gibbons hadn’t resigned. Then we could gather all the perverts and torch then in one big cheesy bonfire.



  1. Ex-Judge James D. Gibbons is also a violator of the U.S. Constitution, guilty of egregious misconduct, and is presently being sued in S.D.N.Y. Federal court for such misconduct.

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