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Real live vampires are now killing people.


Watch your veins, kids. The boys are back in town.  Alas, it’s not you’re pretty Lost Boys or Twilight vampire. These fanged fellows are of the winged (and real) variety, and if possible, are even more grotesque than your Cory Feldman’s, Taylor Lautner’s, or Ryan Pattison’s.

Newsweek: the bats, which usually target animals, may have moved on to drink human blood because of deforestation. The creatures struck in Urakusa, Peru, near the border with Ecuador. The Awajun apparently asked for help when children began dying mysteriously. Government officials in of Peru say that about 500 people have now been vaccinated against rabies.

The bats, which can drink 20 grams of blood at one time, attack their victims while they sleep using infrared sensors to determine the exact spot to attack. Vicious.

It is not the first time the bats have killed humans in recent years. In 2004, more than 300 people were bitten and 13 died in Brazil — at a time health officials in that country said the bats were becoming more aggressive to human beings because their habitat was being eroded. They reportedly struck again in 2005, when officials confirmed that 23 people had died and more than 1,000 had been bitten.

Although the statistics of bats attacking humans at an accelerated are quite frightening, never fear, we shouldn’t lose hope yet. Any day a werewolf and his trusty wolf pack will magically migrate to these South American countries plagued with attacks by vampire bats, and destroy them, after rising out of the water, of course.

We’re gonna go with Team Jacob on this one; hopefully he’ll know how to get rid of these vampires too.

  • I hate when vampire and zombies slow down on the sidewalk and make me step onto the street to walk around them