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Pakistanis are now posing as Indians.


The havoc that bomb scares cause.

It seems ever since Sept 11 and the recent bomb square in Times Square, NYC- being of Pakistani origin has proven to be a hindrance for most Pakistani Americans who are now often finding themselves posing as Indians to deflect increasing prejudice and suspicion given the current turmoil in terrorist related events.

Reports Reuter:

In Brooklyn, home to one of the largest Pakistani populations in the United States, business is scant at the various grocery, halal meat and sweet cake shops since a Pakistani-American was suspected in the Times Square plot. More than 100 businesses along Coney Island Avenue have closed due to a 30 percent drop in business since 2001, a merchants’ association said.

Not the most encouraging sign of tolerance, but you think that’s bad- see what happens when you try buying fertilizer for your garden (one of the ingredients found at the recent bomb square in Times Square):

In Washington, an American of Pakistani heritage who would only be identified as Farhan, said a manager of a suburban home-improvement store prevented him from buying two bags of fertilizer for his family’s lawn on Tuesday.

Farhan, who was born in northern Virginia, said police arrived soon after, investigated and allowed him to buy the fertilizer.

“What kind of a country are we living in when a 22-year-old male can’t buy fertilizer?” Farhan asked. “I’m American. I’m not Pakistani.”

What type of country? Try one where its citizens are disillusioned, hemorrhaging financially, are running around in dizzy circles whenever the administration administers red, yellow, green and pink security codes and never mind the sensational media drone that has even disheveled store managers thinking twice that the sack of manure they are selling is going to blow a hole in his head.

America is a very scary place indeed, welcome and please now wait for the next color warning.